Group 5 Complete Opening Sequence 'REMOVAL'

Thursday, April 1, 2010


The project is now signed off, please enjoy the blog!

Jacob, Joe, Claire and Wanda

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paper Work

Below is the paperwork from the start of the 'new' project of removal, through the shoots and editing up to the present day. (click on the image to enlarge)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Audience Feedback

We asked our target audience of 15 to 20 year olds and an even split of male and female a series of questions upon viewing our opening sequence.
What genre of film do you normally watch?Comedy: 14
Horror: 8
Action: 6
Adventure: 3
Romcom: 8
Thriller: 5
Children's: 1
Sci-fi: 2
Fantasy: 1
Detective: 1
Disaster: 1
What genre of film do you think this is?Horror: 24
Thriller: 8
Psychological thriller: 4
Key themes of film?Crime: 1
Murder: 3
Stalking: 6
Mental disorder: 1
Suspense: 1
Voyeurism: 2
Obsession: 4
Disability: 1
Psychosis: 6
Fear: 2
Solitude: 1
Death: 2
Imprisonment: 1
Mystery: 2
Films title?Yes: 30
No: 0
Works as an opening sequence?Yes: 30
No: 0
Independent cinema or multiplex?Indie: 9
Mainstream: 21
Would you watch the rest of the film?Yes: 30
No: 0
Best parts?Ending (attack): 16
POV: 4
Through the floor shot: 4
Basement: 7
Background ambience: 1
Animation: 2
Villain: 5
Opening: 1
Garden: 1
Camera angles: 1
Improvements?None: 15
Acting of girl: 4
Clarify photo: 5
More basement: 1
More original music: 2
More cutaways to reactions: 2
Sound quality: 2
Target audience?Teenagers: 20
Young adults: 14
Thrill seekers: 2
Male: 4
Female: 1
Unisex: 5
Rating out of 10?7: 2
8: 8
9: 17
10: 3

  • Target audience usually watch mainly comedies, but secondary horror, romcom and thrillers
  • Majority thought our sequence's genre was horror
  • Audience indentified key themes as being psychosis, stalking and obsession
  • Everyone got the title
  • Everyone thought it worked as an opening sequence
  • Majority thought it was mainstream (multiplex)
  • Everyone wanted to watch the rest of the film
  • Key favourite parts were the ending attack, the basement and the villain
  • Main improvements were the acting and clarifying the photo
  • Mostly teenagers, with secondary of young adults. Unisex appeal but leaning towards a more masculine audience
  • Average rating of 9/10

Audience Feedback Questionnaire

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Report of shoot 6.3.10

The shoot was sucessful. We shot lots of footage and were particularly happy with our shots from upsatirs and outside, although there were some concerns about the lighting in the basement shots.

After a rough cut, we realise our sequence is slightly too long and in the following weeks we hope to refine our work, reshoot the necessary shots and shorten the whole piece.